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Optimal – Add different tab details to each products

You need to use metafields to show different data for each of your products on store.

Let say you want to show tab Package Contents for few of the products on your store then go to Theme Customize –> Select Products from top dropdown –> Default product –> Product Descriptions Tabs (On left siderbar you will see product description tab )

Step 1: Now click on “Add block” and add Metafields Data.

Enter Title and Key Name as shown below

Step 2:

Go to Store Admin –> Settings –> Metafields –> Click Products

Click on “Add definition” and add data as below

Name: Custom Tab
Namespace and Key: my_fields.packcon ( Must be same as you added from Product Descriptions Tabs, If you add size then my_fields.size, if you add customtab then it must be my_fields.customtab)
Content type:Text ( Select Multi-line text )

Step 3: Now go to your products and Scroll down to “Metafields” and Add text in Custom Tab and Click Save

You can assign metafields with the same key Name to all products having similar Tab Details

You can repeat above same steps for another Tabs you want to display for other products with different key names. I.e Same process with different key names

Note: Please feel free to create ticket from our support system if you have queries and issues.