How to add Metafields? / Shopifyfd extension not working

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First Install Metafields Guru App. It’s free app. Click here to install

Now go to products and click on Edit Metafields -> and Create Metafields

We have used metafields for the following in our theme.

  1. Product Video

    key: video
    namespace: meta
    value: youtube url

    You need define metafield name like this and in value, you need to enter youtube video link

  2. Product Short Description

    key: short_des
    namespace: meta
    value: add html here

  3. Product Countdown

    key: countdown
    namespace: meta
    value: date in (mm/dd/yyyy) format

  4. Product Size Chart

    key: sizechart
    namespace: meta
    value: image or html code

    If you don’t add data here, global data will appear in page (same data for all products). You can read this above in Product Tabs section.