Highly Customizable

Shopify native real-time customizer with approx. 1000+ options to customize layout, header, footer, typography, colors and much more to achieve your brand feel.

Instead of any framework or third party plugin for theme settings we are using Shopify theme customizer for most of the theme customization settings with quick preview of the change in real-time. No coding skill required! Now you don't need coding skill to create stunning website, just few clicks and it’s done!

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Highly Customizable Shopify Theme

Built-in Mega Menu

No need to use any thirdparty app for navigation.
Built-in MegaMenu options whith 7 awesome styles. Fully customizable, columns, backgrounds, size, images, fonts, colors and...

Built-in Mega Menu with Shopify Theme
Ajax Shopping Cart Drawer

Shopping Cart

Shopping made easy with the integrated mini-cart, manage and tweak with the cart product only with a click.

Mobile Optimized Theme

Mobile Optimized

Our Theme is highly optimized for mobile Device. It is perfectly designed with modern UX/UI features for all devices screen with show/hide option inside each section.

Shopify Theme Features

Theme Reviews

Why they loved Avone?
You can read all customer reviews on themeforest.

  • Customer Support
    First of all, I want to compliment the customer support. It's very well organized. Sejal is very friendly and knowledgeable. I get response within 24 hours. The theme itself, I like it until now. Didn't came across any things I didn't like. I just miss a few options that's all. So yes, I recommend this theme.
    demynl - Demy Rink
  • Customizability
    I've had used a myriad of Shopify themes over the years, and AVONE is simply the best. Every feature and option you would want in a theme, AVONE has it. More particularly, on the product page, which is the most important page, you have a chockful of sexy and critical options to make your product page standout with a flair. In short, I can't uncover a feature or option the theme doesn't have. Furthermore, customer service is fast, swift and extremely helpful. East five stars!!!
    bimmerfanatic - bimmer fanatic, https://www.hotteberri.com
  • Customizability
    I've been through the trenches, i've suffered through all the shady freelancers pretending to be web developers, i've build multiple stores with expensive, limited and f***** buggy themes with the worst support ever. But now... I cant f**** believe it (excuse my french). I launch my store 2 days ago, and i kid you not, i've not been able to stop smiling. This is true happiness from within - or from this theme. This theme... omg. it got it all. dont even know where to start. I have a relatively close relationship to one of the greatest webdesign/developer business in my country, and i kid you not, this function and looks exactly like a $20.000 website. I was actually just about to collab with this company, so one might say that the Avone theme saved my $19.920 (THANK YOU!) Actually forget all about the customization, and the f***** beautifully features and designs, because the support team..... I litteraly just through my Out of the sandbox, Flex theme, right in the junk drawer ($450 theme), because it was extremely limited, and the customer support took YEEAARS (apperently they have had a high demand of request since december 2020 - yeah right - lazy ass support) BUUUUT with Avone! Today i have received support from this amazing support agent, Sejal! She helped me with 6 kinds of fixes and request (who the f*** does that) - outstanding, i'm greatful! This is by far the best theme i've every experience, and the best theme i've ever heard of. I have no damn clue, why you guys dont fucking blast this theme out to the masses, via digital marketing. I would say that you owe that to the people! So yeah. Fucking happy with the theme. God bless adorn and their amazing support team Peace!
    Alekbk - Alexander Knakkergaard, https://vikinx.dk
  • Customer Support
    First time trying this theme and LOVE IT. The documentation is a breeze to follow and the times we got stuck, I pinged support and in my opinion, they went above and beyond. They walked me through solutions and even made code updates on my behalf. I'm going on over a month using this theme now and have had nothing but compliments from customers. It's fast, easy to edit, flexible, and looks great on mobile and desktop. I definitely recommend you guys check them out and give their theme a chance - you won't regret it. If you want to poke around the site I made with it check out www.igetbutterflies.com - thanks!
    Kirkusm - Kirk Deis
  • Flexibility
    Avone theme is fantastic! After searching for a new theme, and trialing around 20 different themes, Avone stood out as the best theme by far. It comes with so many extra features and is so customizable - it's surprising how customizable this theme is, you can change practically everything to suit your branding. It is super easy to use. They have thought of everything with this theme! The customer support is outstanding. We required a few extra tweaks as we had an existing website which came with features which we needed to incorporate into Avone theme. Sejal made these changes promptly for us - always within the same business day - and responded to our requests so quickly. I highly recommend Avone if you are looking for a theme which has everything you could ask for.
    InspiredBeautyNZ - Lisa Fletcher, Inspired Beauty NZ
  • Design Quality
    I'm not usually that impressed by themes but this one has surpassed my expectations in terms of features, documentation, and support. I tested demos of many popular free and paid Shopify themes that claimed their themes' Google mobile page speeds were in the upper-90s and some of them were as low as the 20s! o.O That's on THEIR "ideal" demo sites let alone real-world ones. After adding a handful of Shopify apps, I am getting a consistent upper-70s for mobile and mid/upper-90s for desktop and this is without further optimization so I'm very happy with those results. Also, after starting my store, I decided to change the store to a different account and requested the deactivation of my theme license to make the switch. They processed my request in 30 minutes through their dedicated support ticket system! Anyways, I'm super-happy with this theme and anticipate implementing the same theme on multiple stores after I have a good working configuration.
    qwirkii - Viveka Sumbria
  • Feature Availability
    I have been working with this theme now for a couple of weeks. Beyond the Feature Availability and Flexibility, I have found Adorn's Customer Support first rate! Their Customer Support is prompt, they have resolved all of my questions, and they even provided a change I requested.
    drtvbc - David Thomas
  • Customizability
    This is what I was searching for for a long time. this theme is complete my dream of customization as I want, infect its lot more than that I imagined. this theme is a really powerful, nice looking really professional theme, as well as customer support, the customer support is really fast, nice, and ready to help. guys if you are in search of the best Shopify theme go for it undoubtedly. thanks
    gourav25 - Gourav Kumar
  • Customer Support
    Adornthemes templates are a god send! Not only are they jam packed with everything you could want for your website their customers service is next level!! I'm using the Avone theme and from the day it was uploaded I haven't looked back. I had a couple of teething issues (at a level above basic use) and Sejal was there both time to help me out, she is worth her weight in gold :) Adorn Themes products are incredible value and their service is AMAZING! It's a no brainier.
    Wrathen - Geof Stanton, kimmarcel.com
  • Customizability
    I'm using the Avone theme for my art gallery on Shopify. It is a very versatile theme and works well with many plugins such as Cozy Image Gallery and Prodigi. I couldn't ask for better support than I've been given by the AdornThemes support staff. Especially by Sejal. All of my questions have been responded to within 24 hours and usually in much less time. They have been very supportive of some of the customizations I have requested at no extra charge. The Avone theme is one of the most versatile thems on Themeforest for Shopify. I was used to themes on WordPress which are very robust. The Avone theme is superior to even those themes. I can't thank the developers enough for creating this theme and for their support.
    rbianchi00 - Americo Bianchi, americoart.myshopify.com
  • Customizability
    To be honest, I give 5 stars and more! I recommend 100% this theme, it has everything you need, EVERYTHING, and it's easy to manage and modify, and I give 5 stars for customer support too, I had a little problem (nothing major) I contacted customer support and they fixed the problem quickly. I love working with this theme and if I open another shop I will def buy it again! I would like to thank Sejal Khunt for fixing my lil problem. :)
    Blackdollyy - Ouafae Abdeloissah
  • Customer Support
    Excellent theme with lots of options - especially for urgency and sales motivation (but done in a subtle way so customers don't feel the pages are pushy or spammy). Customer support is excellent. Custom work is reasonably priced and gets done VERY fast. Basic theme mods were free but more extensive changes do cost which I expected - but that said > They can do custom changes and fast. Everything works unlike many other themes. Do note: for support, allow for time zone differences - if in North America, 12 hours minimum response time is needed. But once they get to your requests they are great! No regrets and likely will use this theme for all future stores with multiple products. Very happy so far!!
    tman47 - Henry Reinders, chilcoleather.com
  • Customer Support
    I have not seen a better theme than this one. It actually has all the features to build a great store. It is so easy to work on it that I could build the entire store on my own. And most of all their customer support is unbelievable. They solve every query within minutes. I never imagined the whole experience would be so smooth. I highly recommend to go with this theme. Its worth it. And the support will make managing everything a breeze. Thank you soo much.
    missvirk - bombaydiva.com
  • Design Quality
    This theme is awesome. Everything works like a charm. There are so many layouts, customization abilities. Fresh, modern, stylish and easy to setup! Support is efficient and very quick which is very important while building website. My website now looks very professional. We get a lot of compliments about our new ecommerce site. And yes most important speed is also very good than my past themes I used for my store till now. I'm very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend theme. Thank you!
    mkdental - dentalsolutions1.com
  • Design Quality
    I've used over 20 different themes in my career (I have 6+ Shopify stores) and I can tell you there is no better theme than this one. It's by far the most flexible, fast, SEO friendly, and beautiful theme I've ever used. I've been waiting for a theme like this for years. I have already purchased 2 licenses on this theme, and plan to purchase 4 more to cover all my stores. The customer service is top notch, I can speak from experience because I've been using their support for over 1 year. I usually contact them 3-4 times per month for customization support. I never had this kind of professionalism dealing with other web designers, so of course I keep coming back to them. Until I can justify hiring a full-time developer, we will continue using the support of the Adorn Themes team. I promise if you decide on Avone, you will be VERY happy, and your project will run smooth.
    velocityclip - Swen Duerigen
  • Customer Support
    We are a promotional company that maintains over 25 online stores for our customers. We have used various other providers and are currently looking at switching to Shopify. In other words, I am brand new to the platform and this was the first theme I decided to use, and I'm glad I did. The documentation is top notch, the theme is super easy to customize and use, and Sejal and the rest of the customer support team are an absolute dream to work with if you have an issue. There was very, very little custom edits that needed to be done to make my store functional and beautiful. It's all great right out of the box. Highly recommend this theme, you won't be disappointed!
    acarney83 - Rocky View County
  • Design Quality
    I'm new to web design and Adorn made it so easy! If any coding was needed, they gave documentation instructions that made it foolproof. I like that I could get a professional site up and running quickly but I know there's a ton of other features as I get more experienced. The BEST part is the customer service- I realized that my images weren't showing up on my site from Shopify which was obviously killing my sales. I sent a help ticket to Adorn on a Saturday evening and I got a response only a few hours later with my problem fixed quickly. That kind of turnaround is critical when it comes to a store functioning properly!
    lizcart12 - Happy Customer
  • Customer Support
    The theme is awesome, it has amazing variability and number of options to select. I am creating my store by myself and I really enjoy working with this theme, I love the freedom of just changing almost everything I want - within the theme, no need for the code. I bet a lot of themes are nice too, but what really makes a difference in Avone is their customer support. THEY ARE ROCKING IT! I have worked with various themes before, and I have never imagined there is somewhere, in the world of Shopify, such a good customer support. I was so lucky to purchase such a great theme, with impressing support and awesome price tag. Thank you guys and please keep it awesome, you are great! Cheers from Czech Republic.
    kajika22 - Czech Republic
  • Design Quality
    5 stars for all reasons! If i choose one of the main reason it will not enough to appreciate this template. This is my second purchase from AdornThemes. An absolutely excellent theme. Theme is packed with brilliant features!! The code is beautiful. Documentation is super clear and helpful. And, best of all, it's SUPER easy to use! If you are looking for a highly customizable and easy to use theme then AVONE is for you. I love everything about this theme! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Highly recommend it! Hope for many updates in the future.
    katigordon - Happy Customer
  • Customer Support
    *Envato Really need to add 10 more reasons, such as Love, Perfection, Caretakers, awesome people". The word Customer Support just doesn't justify, I've been a member of Envato for ages, myself a designer of Wordpress for over 12 years. Recently decided to start my project on Shopify, was scared, worried and you name it, it was in that position, but these guys,..... they nailed it, their support. Truth to be told, I don't know anyone else from there apart from Sejal, she's a darling and a rockstar, a beautiful soul. I've worked with supports and various teams before, but this one, SEJAL, wowwwwww....... she's like your Godfather.... she won't let you down... Love this theme. love their work, love their approach to it, loved their support. Long story short, they're the best. PERIOD. Much Love xoxo xoxo
    EpicZone - Happy Customer
  • Customer Support
    strongly recommended, there is none so complete in the market, nothing is missing, it allows all kinds of customization, well designed and easy to use. New, but destined to be one of the best. The attention given by the customer support is really incredible, they solve the questions and problems in a matter of minutes. Congratulations to the team, an impressive job. aplause
    c2043r - Happy Customer

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Theme Core Features

  • 1000+ Admin Options

    1000+ Admin Options

    We have setup lots of new options to change color, fonts, modules, sections and layout optitions by theme customization.

  • Quick Shop

    Quick Shop

    An easy way to add Items into Cart within less time from product grid on collection page.

  • Multiple header style

    Multiple header style

    Diferent header style inbuilt in theme. You can choose header style as you want.

  • General Data Protection Regulation

    GDPR Ready

    GDPR is a law in the European Union (EU) that addresses data protection and privacy for all individuals in the EU.

  • Ajax Layered Filter Navigation

    Ajax Layered Filter Navigation

    You can set unlimited filters options block to easy search your specific products.

  • Product Notification

    Product Notification

    Highlight products on your store by useing product notification option.

  • Product Notification

    AJAX auto complete Search

    This feature allows to find product easylly while serching on store. user can go direcly to product page from shortlist.

  • Instagram Shop

    Instagram Shop

    You can embed instagram section to the template to make their websites more beatiful with their instagram pictures and shop.

  • Instagram Shop

    Newsletter Popup

    You can use it to add a newsletter subscription form in your website on page load.

  • Clients Testimonials

    Clients Testimonials

    Avone comes with built-in testimonials section that allow to show testimonial on home page with slider.

  • Clients Testimonials

    Dynamic Product Labels

    Label names like "NEW", "Exclusive", "HOT" will make your product section more informative. You can choose your lable name fron admin.

  • Product Video

    Product Video

    Avone comes with built-in video option that allow you add product video for each products.

  • Product variant Swatches

    Advanced variant Swatches

    You can use variant style from colors, images or varaint images. Also available differnt type of design styles and size.

  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    Multiple photo gallery sections are available. Create a beautiful, mobile-friendly photo gallery in a couple of clicks with avone.

  • Mailchimp newsletter


    It's automatically adds customers to a MailChimp email list as subscribers.

  • Size Chart

    Size Chart

    Avone comes with 4 type of size chart option. Size chart by product type, product brand, global or different for each products.

That's not end...

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More Key Features

  • 800+ Live Customization Options
  • Multi-Purpose Design
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • 100% responsive design
  • GDPR ready
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • SEO optimized
  • Optimized for Google PageSpeed
  • Google Rich Snippet Tool
  • Translation ready
  • Full RTL support (right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew)
  • Lazy Load Effect
  • Hide/Show most elements
  • Boxed or full-width layout
  • Tons of color options
  • Free theme updates
  • Up to date online documentation
  • Page Scroll Animations
  • MailChimp Newsletter Popup
  • Product Notification Popup
  • Ajax add to cart
  • Mobile optimized
  • Fast Loading
  • Promotion announcement bar
  • Promotional Text on header
  • Auto Currency switcher
  • Ajax mini cart
  • Autocomplete search
  • Logo alignments
  • 6 styles Megamenu
  • Sticky header
  • Full-width or boxed slideshow
  • Full-width or boxed video section
  • Products display as row or slider
  • Multiple collection products via tabs
  • Display Collection list/ 4 Styles
  • Masonry Grid with 5 Styles
  • Image with text block
  • Image with text overlay hero banner
  • Testimonials lists
  • Information blocks
  • Brand logos carousel
  • Display blog Post
  • Instagram photo gallery
  • Newsletter popup
  • Google Map
  • Custom content section
  • Featured Sinlge Product
  • MailChimp newsletter support
  • Social icons
  • Drag & Drop footer blocks
  • Payment Options badge
  • Collection banner image
  • Advanced Product sorting + filtering + grid/list view
  • Select products per row for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Ajax pagination
  • Product Infinite scroll
  • AJAX Load More Button
  • Product Quick view
  • Grid Or List View
  • Dynamic Product Labels with 3 Styles.
  • Sidebar at left or right on collection page
  • Sidebar: Unlimited product filters
  • Sidebar: Promotion banner
  • Sidebar: Information block
  • Sidebar: Product tags
  • 2 style Cart Page
  • Wishlist
  • Sidebar at left or right on blog and article page
  • Customizes section for about us page
  • Contact us
  • 2 styles lookboook page
  • Faq's page
  • 404 page
  • 7 Style Layout to display product informations
  • Enable Product image zoom
  • Enable Product lightbox gallery
  • Thumbnail to display left, bottom or right
  • Display discount off %
  • Display Quantity Left Message
  • Display Countdown Timer
  • Display Dynamic checkout button
  • Display Free shipping eligible message
  • Display Shipping estimated time
  • Fake Recent orders
  • Fake Product views
  • Advanced Product swatches with 9 diffrent styles
  • Related products slider
  • Recently viewed products
  • Size chart by brand, type or globle
  • Video to each products
  • Social sharing
  • Integrated Shopify Reviews App
  • Unlimited product tabs with dynamic conetnt to each products
  • Previous/Next product navigation
  • Dynamic Checkout Buttons

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