FAQ’s AdornThemes August 27, 2023


  • Can I use the theme in more than one store?

    1 License = 1 Store = 1 Domain Name

    So if you want to use the same theme in several live store, you’ll need to purchase a separate license of the theme for each one.        

  • Why Adornthemes are better than other themes??

    All Adornthemes are lightweight that load quickly, easy to use, Incredible UI/UX and effective in helping you convert more visitors into customers and meet your business goals. People will love visiting your store.

  • Is Adornthemes Themes are Shopify 2.0 compatible?

    Yes. Our theme Vogal, Optimal, Avone and Belle are avaialbe with 2.0 which allow user to add section on every pages and all new 2.0 features.

  • Can adornthemes do a store set up for me?

    Yes. We do store setup work. If you don’t want to spend your time installing the theme and store set up, Feel free to contact for our paid store setup serivce. You can send an email direct on info@adornthemes.com We will reach out to you soon.

  • What are the differences between AdornThemes themes?

    All our themes are developed with design, features and speed in mind. All our themes share common features however there are many differences in theme design and options.