Recent Shopify Stores using Avone theme

Recent Live stores based on Avone theme Fashion https://www.thehexad.com/ https://sonjabysonjamorgan.com/ https://vayne.com.au/ https://shopdearneighbor.com/ Clothing https://brunamalucelli.com/ https://mvfurs.com/ https://juan-de-dios-swimwear-co.myshopify.com Jewellery https://www.thehexad.com/ https://krystalhaus.com/ Arts https://williamraedesigns.com/ https://wallamigo.dk/ https://rareinteriorart.co.uk/ Other Stores Sports – https://distantklash.com/ Health – https://alignedhealthco.com/ Food – https://thefoodblankets.com/ Decoration – https://creativedecor.shop/ Beard Oil – https://mrticklers.com/ Every Day Life – https://www.shoptellus.com/ CBD Oil – https://tribe.shop/ Yoga – https://www.yogacrow.com/

What WordPress Plugins Should Be Used If You Plan to Make an Affiliate Site

If you have come to an idea to create your own resource, you will need numerous tools to help you manage different processes and functionality. Before installing additional programs for this purpose, it is important to understand what a plugin is and what WordPress needs it for. A plugin is a specialized software module that … Continue reading What WordPress Plugins Should Be Used If You Plan to Make an Affiliate Site

The importance of upgrading your store with a premium Shopify theme

The hard truth in the online business world is the layout and overall look and feel of your website can play a role in how your business is perceived. Visitors really do judge your store and business by its “cover That’s why it’s important to pick the perfect and premium theme for your online Shopify … Continue reading The importance of upgrading your store with a premium Shopify theme

Belle changelog

Version 3.1 – April 13, 2020 – Instagram section updated Version 3.0 – December 4, 2019 – Speed Optimized – New : 2 new demos added – New : Product 360 Degree view added – 360 degree click is the perfect way to view products! – New : Lookbook shop added – Tag your Products … Continue reading Belle changelog

Shopify eCommerce Platform Review

Shopify Ecommerce Platform Visit Shopify Ecommerce Platform Reasons to use Shopify Ecommerce Platform What is the Shopify Ecommerce Platform? Shopify is one of the leaders in the e-commerce space, and perhaps the easiest-to-use tool to build your online store with. Their mission is to build a hassle-free platform for setting up your e-commerce business. No matter if … Continue reading Shopify eCommerce Platform Review


How to update theme? [Version 2.6] 11 September, 2020 Added : Jewelry Store home added Check preview   Added : Option to change Setting Icon. Added : Display Enquire now button if Store is on catelog mode. Added : Hide Search option added. Added : Option to disable collection hover zoom effect. Small fixes [Version … Continue reading Avone-changelog