7 Ways User-Generated Content Helps E-Commerce Erica Sunarjo November 12, 2021

7 Ways User-Generated Content Helps E-Commerce

In today’s world, every business needs a good online presence, while some businesses operate entirely on the internet. Every day, more and more e-commerce platforms are springing up. As the internet grows, we will likely see more businesses grow as well.

Naturally, as customers purchase products and services on the internet, they leave around content in the form of:

  • Comments,
  • Reviews,
  • Threads,

The content that customers create is referred to as user-generated content. Over the years, it has become an integral part of e-commerce. In general, user-generated content helps customers make purchasing decisions. Therefore, e-commerce businesses have a keen interest in using this type of content for marketing decisions.

When you read through this article, you will understand  7 ways user-generated content can help e-commerce.


When customers look to purchase products or services, they always want to get the best ones available. The need to make a choice is more evident when a customer has two quality products to choose from. In most cases, the brand with the most user-generated content may likely help overcome the competition. The majority of clients will go for the product with the most favorable user-generated content.

So, as a business owner, there is no better way to sway customers’ opinions than to have positive user-generated content on your platforms. This information gives clients proof you care about the satisfaction of your customers. It also lets prospective buyers know that you continuously deliver on the value you promise your clients.


When customers read through user-generated content, there is a greater chance it will influence their decision. It is usually more effective than having a product recommended to you by a friend or a colleague. When you see hundreds or even thousands of reviews and comments about the positive aspects of an item, you will be more inclined to make a purchase.

Therefore, having excellent user-generated content will ultimately increase your conversion rates. On average, businesses experience an increase in sales after including user-generated content on their platforms. In essence, having such content tells customers they can safely make a purchase from you.


Having user-generated content on your website is actually a core element of SEO due to its uniqueness and helpful nature. Without really doing much, you are increasing the chances of your pages ranking higher on the search engine for a particular set of products.

In the last few years, many search engines like Google have prioritized user-generated content. Therefore, when customers search for a product online, many search engines place user-generated content on the first page. They do this to improve the experience of people who use their search engines.

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Unlike conventional product descriptions, user-generated content improves the customer experience. When you create a product description, you are mostly developing marketing-centric content. Such content is mostly devoid of user experience and simply focuses on the product features. In most cases, it contains standard information about the capabilities of your good, which can be pretty dry. It gives you detailed specifications about a product as specified by the manufacturer.

User-generated content is totally different from product descriptions. It gives customers access to personal user experiences that are completely different from standard product descriptions. More importantly, it gives customers information about what the product can and cannot do. It also gives clients details about the problems and disadvantages of such a product.

When a customer reads a user-generated content, they are better able to make an informed decision. Therefore, this makes the entire purchasing experience better for the buyer.

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Businesses that do not include user-generated content on their website are not user-friendly. They do not allow their customers to have a fair view of the products and services they sell. Therefore, clients are left with no choice but to believe what the seller tells them from the product description.

When a business includes user-generated content on their e-commerce platforms, they humanize their services. It gives your customers the opportunity to get real human experiences relating to your products. It tells your customers that you are not afraid to have unfavorable comments and unedited opinions about your product on your platforms. Doing this creates an impression of truthfulness, transparency, and customer care.


When you allow customers to review your product, you are giving your business access to vital information. It gives you an insight into what clients think about your services. When you gather all this information, you can have enough feedback to improve your product.

In addition, it can help you identify customer relations pitfalls and problems. You can use this information to improve your customer service. You can also use it to create better training programs for your customer representatives. Ultimately, your business can use user-generated content to improve how your business serves your clients.


In general, when you include user-generated content on your website, your business, and customers all benefit. Your clients are able to access honest information when making a purchase. When they do buy your product, they will feel satisfied with their decision. Additionally, these customers will also be willing to leave a positive review after purchasing.

In the future, when these clients want to purchase the same product or another one, they will most likely get it from you. With time, they will become loyal customers that keep coming back for more. In some cases, these clients will go as far as referring their family and friends to your business. In the long run, this will increase the revenue of your business.


User-generated content has become an integral part of e-commerce. It has enormous advantages to your business. Additionally, it can be a vital source of free positive PR for your business. It can provide testimonials about the quality of your products or services, which can increase customer conversion rate. Additionally, it improves the SEO of your website as it will rank higher in search engines.

Similarly, it will improve the overall customer experience. It will also make your business seem more trustworthy, which is crucial to running a profitable business. Ultimately, this can increase customer service, customer satisfaction, and client loyalty.