Avone Review: a New Impressive Shopify Theme Nick Victor May 28, 2020

Avone Review: a New Impressive Shopify Theme

Online shopping is associated with easy and smart solutions for the clients and business owners. Having an online shop means using only the best and the most efficient applications for promotion and sale of the products. Avone Shopify theme attracts due to its functionality and universality. Online stores need to customize their layouts, headers, colors and other features to attract customers and present their brand. Third party plugins are in the past, Avone Shopify offers a customizer. It does not demand any coding knowledge or skill.

Is It Really Multipurpose?

Avone shopify has a great potential and enough possibilities. If you plan to develop your online shop, consider the functionality of the new program. The variability of functions here makes the theme almost universal for shopping facilities.

Test the best features of Avone Shopify:

  • Easy to customize

The design will be exactly like you need it, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time. Avone provides only the key options.

  • Reveals your content

The stores online have sections and images, which need to be presented to the customers. This information could be organized in the best way. There are a lot of content sections provided for this function.

  • Increased performance speed

Customers avoid web sites which cannot be opened quickly enough. Attract more clients with this feature of Avone Shopify.

  • Testimonials

Clients are used to rely upon trustworthy producers and sellers, and this section will help to gain loyalty by them.

  • Social Connection

Modern businesses build versatile connections with their customers, and this is obligatory for online marketing. Avone includes buttons enabling the users to share the details with friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • MailChimp

MailChimp lists are given by Shopify to increase the number of subscribers more substantially and to attract the new ones employing a nicely organized and convenient platform.

  • Support service

Communication with customers is established before and after the sale. Giving timely and appropriate responses is possible thanks to this theme.


User-friendly does not only mean it is easy to use, but that you do not have to anticipate extra time for loading an app. Avone is characterized by the speed of 30% faster compared to other themes. The size of the page is maintained. In this case, even a couple of seconds will also play their role.


Demo installation is easy and quick. It will let you test the functionality and the prospects to make it customized for your sector. All possible features of your cyber retail store could be adjusted, using the theme.


No time for loading your pictures? You do not need to misspend it, if you choose the Avone theme. Here the images are loaded extremely quickly and the size could be adapted. If needed, the size of the image is optimized for the screen.


Buyers are used to searching for the things which they need and want using advanced search systems. They are secured with filters for choosing between multiple options. These filters provide the opportunity for the clients to find quickly, choose easily and achieve without hesitation.


You will fail to foresee the type of device your clients are going to use. Avone theme allows making the design applicable for all devices and various smartphones.


Clients are always concerned about choosing an appropriate size. Online shops are expected to secure the tabs and charts with size breakdowns for easy choice. Everybody is used to different type of size tab, and Avone allows creating different variations. Products could be subdivided on the basis of types or brands, etc.

Compare 2.0 And 2.1 Versions

Version 2.0 involves sub collection page for helping the clients in their search for the special products. Brand list page is needed for completing the list of all the brands presented in the shop. Customers often prefer to choose the specific brands only. Group Product feature was added for increasing the sale volumes. Discounts are only one example of the way to attract more customers. Thumbnail Gallery is a precious feature for increased conversion as it offers the customers adding products or videos.

Version 2.1 is the latest update available with all the bugs fixed.

Focus On The Home Page

The main page is the first thing that your customers see when they visit your online retail store. You would definitely want it to be designed due to the best fashion with multiple sections and options. The Theme offers more than 20 sections for the home page only. Use them and be sure that you have the most outstanding home page.

Quick Management Of The Theme

Nobody actually has enough time for a long and detailed acquisition of all features of the theme. Avone Theme makes the process easier for you and provides special video tutorials for better grasping of the functionality.

Installation and configuration process are not difficult, and they could be performed following the video tutorials. Setting and navigation do not cause any problems, but still if you have any – just apply to the video support.


  • Rapid download
  • Unique drag&drop interface
  • Updating of the order of the blocks
  • Live settings with multiple variations
  • Multipurpose design
  • Optimization for Google PageSpeed
  • Utility of online and offline docs
  • Reactive design
  • PopUps
  • Informing about the merchandise
  • Support from MailChimp
  • High degree of optimization

 When looking for a stunning and innovative option for your e-shop, you should stop at the solution offering you maximum efficiency and quality. If you appreciate originality and functionality, don’t miss the latest versions of Avone Shopify. The theme has a great potential to become your best contribution into development of your business online.

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