4 Useful tips for writing eCommerce conversations Nicole Garrison October 5, 2020

4 Useful tips for writing eCommerce conversations

Having a simple conversation is one of the easiest, yet the most difficult things to do. When conversing with our friends and peers, we do not think twice before we talk to them. That’s what makes those conversations so enjoyable and genuine.

On the other hand, conversations with customers tend to go in a completely different direction. Every spoken word comes under scrutiny. As a part of sales training in giant retail companies, scripts are exchanged, parrotted, and practiced. But does it have to be that way?

No rule states that you shouldn’t talk to customers in a friendly manner. Instead of opting for generic conversations that most companies push through, dare to be different.

If you want to stand out and give your competitors something to worry about, you can amplify your customer service with engaging conversations. Knowing how to find the balance between being professional and friendly is what can be your winning tactic.

So, are you ready to learn some valuable tips on writing conversions that convert? If the answer is yes, let’s get straight to it!

All Conversations Are The Same

It’s time to demystify the concept of conversational commerce and help you understand the simplicity of it.

The issue that some companies have with conversational commerce is overthinking. When you think about it, it’s quite similar to our everyday conversations. If you start to analyze every word you are about to utter, you’ll find yourself in an awkward conversation. The same goes for conversing with your customers.

Conversations are the most natural and humane aspects of our existence, and you should approach conversational commerce with that thought in mind.

Companies forget that people opt for chatting because of the human-like experience. In the pursuit of perfecting their chatbots and online conversations, companies turn those conversations into dull and tiring exchanges.

Let’s take a moment to travel back in time. Remember how it used to be back in the days of brick-and-mortar selling? Recall those pleasant conversations that you had at the outlets – either as a buyer or sales associate. Those conversations are proof that being pleasant, friendly, and helpful is the cornerstone of building strong customer relationships.

Take a look at the following two dialogues:

  • Company: Hi! As a representative of XY company, we should inform you that as of Monday our Summer sale begins. This is your unique opportunity to shop at a leading provider of technology devices with the best prices on the market. Our company has a diversified product offer…. yada, yada, yada… Do you want to check out our sales page?
  • Customer: [exists the conversation after the first sentence]
  • Company: Hi there, John Doe, do you have a minute?
  • Customer:
  • Company: We hope we are not interrupting you in anything but just a quick notice: there is a huge sale that starts on Monday! We don’t want you to miss it. Are you interested?
  • Customer: Sure! Where can I check out the products?

The difference is quite obvious, isn’t it? You would probably exist the first conversation just as our example customer did. Conversations should be light, friendly, and simply put – human.

Angela Baker, a sales strategist and contributor writer at TopEssayWriting explained why it is so important that you lead a genuine conversation with customers. “With high-competition in every field, marketing is at the highest level. That means that customers receive promotional emails, messages, and even calls daily. You won’t be able to convert if you don’t differentiate yourself from other companies, and having a decent conversation with your customers can be the ace up your sleeve,” said Jeffrey.

With that being said, it is time to get to practical tips that will help you write these winning conversations.

4 Golden Tips To Write Conversations That Convert

The power of personal, one-to-one conversations is that they hook the people in. That is if you know how to lead engaging conversations.

Engaging conversations can help your customers find what they’ve been looking for, and you can increase your sales at the same time. A classic win-win situation.

So, here is how to write such conversations. We present to you the 4 golden tips for writing conversations that convert.


It is important to write in an informal yet respectable manner when conversing with your customers.

Writing can instantly shift your mindset to a more formal tone and style. What you need is to imagine that you are talking to them even when you are writing.

There is a little trick that can help you out with this. Stand in front of a mirror if you need to and talk to yourself to get into the zone. It may seem silly, but this technique truly works.


Questions are a foolproof way to show your interest in your customers.

Asking questions can help you express genuine curiosity for the customer’s needs, preferences, likes, and dislikes. This is how you make the customer feel special.

Think about all those monologues you have to sit through in the past. They weren’t fun, were they? You don’t want to put your customers through the same misery.

If you need some help with writing engaging questions, you can turn to writing services such as TrustMyPaper and BestEssaysEducation, and they will connect you with the best writer for the job. It can be useful that you have assistance with writing the right questions that will spark the customer’s interest.


Conversations are an opportunity to help your customers and solve their problems related to a certain category or the product. The faster and more informative your answers are, the more satisfied will your customers be.

Use these conversations as a possibility for sharing product images, product details, and other information via instant messaging. Being helpful is what will make your customer service impeccable in the eyes of consumers.

Nowadays, it is so easy to ‘pre-empt’ customer needs and respond instantly, thanks to all the tools and platforms. For example, if a customer asks for a price on your product-related Facebook post, you can ping them right away.

In this fast-paced world, fast responses can make people appreciate your company.


If you believe your products are beneficial to the customers, you must confidently pitch and recommend them. Just like a friend would.

Don’t hesitate to make a product recommendation because you don’t want to sound too salesy. Your job is to sell, and the customer knows that. There is no point in hiding it.

What is important is that you make relevant recommendations. Base your pitch according to customer preferences and previous purchases. The customer will be thankful for that.

Final Thoughts

Conversational commerce can be a very powerful sales method if you know how to put it to use. With these four essential tips, you will. The key is to aim for the authenticity of real conversations instead of sounding like every other brand bot.

Now, it’s your time to shine. Show that you can put these tips to use and give your customers a brand conversation they will never forget. You can do it!