What wordpress plugins should be used if you plan to make an affiliate site Nick Victor May 26, 2020

What wordpress plugins should be used if you plan to make an affiliate site

If you have come to an idea to create your own resource, you will need numerous tools to help you manage different processes and functionality. Before installing additional programs for this purpose, it is important to understand what a plugin is and what WordPress needs it for.

A plugin is a specialized software module that dynamically connects to the main application. Such a unit is designed to extend the capabilities of the software, including its privacy, download speed, creating tables’ powers, etc.  Usually, this suite of tools is presented in the form of a library in which elements are available to anyone.

Before activating the plugins, the website developer has to think about an extra interface, as well as at least a minimal menu to manage the already installed set of supportive virtual gadgets.

This article will help you understand the functionality of the most popular plugins for downloading.


Without a doubt, this is the most popular management tool for WordPress. With its help, the following features are easy to realize:

  • Creating an unlimited number of redirects;
  • Tracking 404 errors on the newly-born platform.

Due to this program, users can remove the most common mistakes and significantly increase the rating of their future system.

Even though this plugin was designed ten years ago, it is still actively sought-after. To access the tool, no charges are required. In the majority of cases, you will need to apply these functions in the following situations:

  • Changes in the domain or site address — it may be necessary to perform so that visitors and search engines could find information using old addresses.
  • When altering the search engine friendly URLs (briefly, SEF) in WordPress, this plugin is also recommended to apply. If you need to change the platform’s name, the title of its article or chapter, feel free to use this function as well.
  • When creating simplified or shortened versions of longer addresses of internet resources. The advantageous part lies in the fact that when altering the mailing list provider, the developer will just change the address in one place only.
  • When hiding the link to the resource — this ability excludes the chances of online casinos or affiliate programs to get under sanctions.


This add-on for WordPress is used to optimize and overclock the site without changing files like .htaccess and wp-config.php. Here are some useful features of Autoptimize:

  • Compression (downsizing) of JS, CSS and HTML files;
  • Caching of JS and CSS files;
  • Optimization of Google fonts;
  • Enabling JavaScript download without waiting for styles;
  • Embedding the code of CSS files in the “head” of the site;
  • Enabling downloading only images visible on the device screen.

Having installed and properly configured this plugin, the created site will work at maximum speed.

Before outputting the HTML code of a website page, the application detects and deletes all .js files and compresses the cut data. Then it rewrites them into a single file, stores them on the server and places a link to them at the end of the page before the <body> tag. Identical actions are performed with .css files, only the link is placed at the beginning of the page code.

WP All In One Security

WordPress pays a lot of attention to security, but sometimes there are cyber-attacks and issues of website hacking. The main role of the WP All In One Security plugin is to protect the resource from hacking by competitors in order to steal or replace affiliate links. Such actions can ruin the reputation of the platform, and in the case of online casinos, the consequences can be irreparable. The setting is as simple as possible and can be set up in just two clicks

Here are the crucial advantages of the plugin:

  • It is completely free.
  • The interface is as clear and intuitive as possible even for an inexperienced developer.
  • A large number of available protection options is offered.
  • The plugin is frequently updated, and each new version is better and more advanced.
  • Fast import and export of settings are guaranteed.


This software module is very functional and productive. For instance, it provides consumers with such abilities:

  • Qualitative analysis of the developed site to optimize keywords;
  • Correction of source codes for search engines and social platforms;
  • Control over the process of information collection and work with files like Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml.

The plugin under consideration uses “currentyear” construction in headings, which ensures maximum relevance for search engines. After installing the proposed application, your internet creation will always appear on the first page issued.

WP Table Builder

Table Builder is one of the most popular and simple plugins used to create comparison tables on the website.  Even the most inexperienced user with no programming knowledge can create the necessary table form.

To create a table, you need to perform only a few consecutive actions:

  • Create a new table with a certain number of rows and columns.
  • Add information to the formed cells.
  • Configure the appearance of the table: borders, font, word transfer, line spacing, etc.
  • Save and publish.
  • Insert on an existing page of the site, using shortcode.

By the way, this method is not only simple, but also completely free.

WordPress Plugins Benefits

Among the excellent features of the presented helpful tools, we would like to focus on the following characteristics:

  • Popularization of the created application from third-party developers — this will help bring the platform to a new level and significantly increase its popularity among consumers. In case of long-term cooperation, there will be offers for free installation of modifications to the plugins.
  • It is easy to update the modular program which consists of plugins. Technically, it looks like a replacement of the library files.
  • An additional level of personal data protection — when facing phishing attacks, a dialog box will appear and warn a customer about the danger.

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