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Optimal – How to update your shopify theme?

Important Note: If you have installed any app that required changes to the code in theme files or If there are any customization work, you will need to do it again to the new theme version. Theme upgrade will not migrate custom code from old version to new version itself.

To update shopify 2.0 theme , You need to copy 1 folder(Templates) and settings_data.json file(from Config folder) from your current theme files to latest theme files which is explain below in details.

Step 1 : First download latest package from themeforest.
Themeforest download always have latest theme version.

Step 2. Extract/Unzip all files from downloaded package.
Find “Optimal-install-me” and extract all file from this zip file to folder “Demo-01-Default” folder.

Step 3. Now download active theme from your store. How to download theme?

Step 4. Unzip downloaded current theme zip file.

Step 5. Open current theme folder and copy templates folder and settings_data.json file from config folder

Step 5 (Optional). Follow this step if your store language is other than English.
Do copy language file from Locales folder. I.e If store language is France then do copy fr.json language file from current theme.

Step 6. Now go to latest theme files ( Which you downloaded and unzipped in step 2)


Step 6(Optional). Follow this step if your store language is other than English.

Delete language file from locales folder and paste language file which you copied from your current theme in step 5.

Step 7. Now select all folders and compress them into a single zip file

Step 8 : From your admin click on “Upload theme” button and install latest theme zip file

This will be installed as an ‘unpublished’ theme. Now you should see the latest installed theme in the list of unpublished themes. You can give it name like “Theme – Latest“. This will not affect your live store.You can publish this new version when it is ready to go live.

Step 9 : Check preview of new theme version. Make sure everything is working fine. Now you can publish your new theme.

If you have any apps installed that add extra code to the theme, You need to check their documentation and most likely you will need to reinstall them to setup with the new theme version.

We recommend you not to delete the old theme version and keep bakup of last few version. So you can use old version if something go wrong with current one.