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Upsell Bundled Products

Offer your customers a bundle discount for product packages or kits(frequently bought together).

Preview of Bundled Products

To Offer bundled products and discount, First you need to create a collection of all products which you want to offer as bundled and offer discount. ( You can add products that buyer should buy together.)

Step 1 : Go to Products –> Collections and Create collection.

Step 2 : Now Go to Discounts to create a discount code which you want to offer for product bundles ( A collection which you just created)

Discount code will be applied on cart and checkout page

Step 3 : Copy your collection handle name. Go to Collections –> Select collection –> Click on “Edit Website SEO” link and copy handle name.

Step 4 : If you have not installed Metafield Guru app, Click here to install this app.

Now Go to your main product of products bundle and click on More Action –> Edit Metafield.

Create metafield as displayed below

Key : fbt-collection
Namespace: meta
Value Type : String

Paste handle name you copied in step 4 in text editor.

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