How to add product countdown?

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Countdown timers are a clear visual cue which tell customers that, if they want a product, they must take action within a specified period of time. This could be a countdown until the end of a sales period, or for an offering such as next day delivery.

Let’s see how to add countdown. The first you need install this extension on your chrome browser by go to this link: After complete installation you can see shopifyFD icon in your browser like below screenshot.

Now go to store admin > products > open product page, Then you need click to ShopifyFD icon and metafield box will appear on page.

Enter details in fields as per below.
namespace: meta
key: countdown
value: date in (mm/dd/yyyy) format

Save details by click on “save” button available in metafield box.
Do not use product page save buttons to save this data. If by mistake click on product page save button then refresh page and follow steps from start.