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How to create page template and add sections?

Compatible with Shopify 2.0 version

Step 1 :

Go to Online Store > Select theme > Click Customize

Step 2 : Open the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Click on “Pages” then scroll down to bottom and click “Create template”

Step 3 : Add template name. Say “Our History” and select base template (Template which you want to apply for new page). Here we will select template “about” and Click create template button.

Step 4 :

Go to Online Store > Pages –> Click “Add page”

Step 5 : Add page title say “Our History” and select template “our-history” ( You need to select template which you just created in previous steps) then Click Save

You will see same page data as about us page. This will not affect to other pages. To change text, section and block on this page. Go to this page section from theme customize.

Repeat same steps to duplicate any page template.
To duplicate contact us page, select base template contact, for FAQs select base template “faqs“. See Step 5 screenshot

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