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How to set Upsell Product Bundle

Offer your customers a bundle discount for product packages or kits (Frequently Bought Together).

Preview of Bundled Products

To offer bundled products and discounts, first you need to create a collection of all the products you want to offer bundled and discounted. ( You can add products that buyers should buy together.)

Step 1 :

From your shopify store admin -> Products -> Collections and Create collection.

Step 2 : Now Go to Discounts to create a discount code that you want to offer for product bundles (a collection that you just created).

A discount code will be applied on the cart and checkout pages.


Step 4 :

From your store admin –> Click “Settings” -> Custom data -> Products –> Add Definition

Create metafield as shown in the below image.

Step 5 :

Now go to your product and scroll down to “Metafields” and select the collection created in step 3 and save the page.

Step 6 :

Now, on the product page, open the “Upsell Product Bundle” section in theme customise and add the metafield collection to the “Select Collection” field as shown below.