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Vogal – How to add product custom option?

Product Custom Options allow your customers to customize a product before checkout on your Shopify store. May you want your customer to upload a file or you want to let them choose from other custom options. With product custom options, customers can add additional information about the products while they are purchasing.

To add product custom options, Please follow below steps.

Step 1:

Go to your online store -> click customize -> Select Products -> Default product

Step 2:

Click Product Main section -> Click Add block -> Add Product Custom Option block.


Select Field Type :

Select which field you want to show for customers to choose while they make purchase.

Field Label :

Add label for the field you want to add.

Options for radio buttons, drop-down select or checkbox group

Add options separated by commas

Required :

Enabling this option make it compulsory for your customer to select checkbox before they add item to cart

Show at checkout, cart :

Disabling this option hide custom option information from cart page and checkout page.


You need to set here how you want to display product custom options.

Visibility : All
Product customize option you add will display on all products

Visibility : By Type

You need to add product types separated by commas, and custom options will display for all those product types.

Visibility : By Tag

You need to add product’s tags separated by commas, and custom options will display for all those product tags.

Visibility : By Products

You need to select products for custom options to display

Visibility : By Metafield

You need create a true/false metafield then select true or false from each products and custom options will display for all those true select.

Go to Store Settings -> Custom Data -> Products -> Click Add Definition

Now create metafield as shown below.

Copy full key name and paste in metafield text box and click save.

Now go to your products, scroll down to metafield and select true or false and click save. Custom option will display for all those true value.