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Add Instagram Shop Shopify

Hope already you have your instagram account and products photos uploaded. If not, Please register on instagram from your phone and upload product photos

Well written tutorial by snapppt for integrating Snapppt for instagram shop. Follow this article to read in details.

1) Go to shopify Apps and install this app Instagram shop by Snapppt – [Paid app]

2) Go to snapppt and click on SIGN IN WITH INSTAGRAM

3) As you are login on snapppt dashboard, you can see your Instagram photos. You can add and removed photos always. Now Add Product Links to your images.

Read more in details here Adding Product Links to your images.

4) Now hover on SHOP THE FEED ( Right top ) and click on Shoppable galleries, style your store gallery here and then copy the code from bottom copy Grid gallery code

5) Go to your online store, Create page you want to use for Instagram shop and click on Arrows button and paste the code

Now Go to –> Customize –> Sections –> Add Section –> Add Instagram Shop and Select the page Where snapppt code is placed .
You can display Instagram Shop in main menu Now Go to –> Customize –> Sections –> Main Navigation –> Add Single Link –> Select page

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We would be glad to help you 🙂