Multiple currencies Setup

Follow bellow steps for work Multiple currencies on your store

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > General.
  2. In the Store currency section, Click on Change Formatting.
  3. Find the HTML with currency and the HTML without currency formats:

  4. In each text field, copy and paste <span class=money> in front of the formatting text.
    Note: Do not put quotation marks around the word money in the span tags. Adding quotes will break the code.
  5. In each text field, copy and paste </span> after the formatting text. Example below:

    You might notice that by default the original HTML without currency field does not include a currency descriptor, such as USD or CAD. For this tutorial, we recommend that you do add the descriptor, to avoid any confusion between currencies later.

  6. Click Save.
    Note: Place the <span> tags in the HTML with currency and HTML without currency text fields only. Do not place the tags in the Email with currency or Email without currency text fields.